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SiCare Light II




Sicare Light II
IR Bed Controller


SiCare Light II X-10 Kit

Convert spoken commands into signals and control numerous devices - television, telephone, lights door system, and more. The Sicare Light II is a brand new introduction to the North American market featuring simple voice programming steps and improved voice recognition capabilities. This portable and easily programmable device can be used in any environment.

  • 15 pre-set command menus including television, bed, TV, satellite, light and device
  • Seamless operation of the Tash Telephone and the Tash IR Bed Controller
  • No computer or laptop programming required
  • Direct-to-unit Infrared Trainable for easy programming
  • New microphone settings for background noise adjustments just like the Sicare Standard
  • X-10 Control through the IR Command Center

    Dual switch or single switch with scanning
    Internal microphone
    External keys for caregiver use

    Infrared transmitter for control of your household consumer electronics
    Internal loudspeaker
    Voice feedback on menu commands.
    - Height 7 in / 18.4 cm
    - Width 3 in / 7.2 cm
    - Depth 1.75 in / 4.4 cm
    - Weight 10 oz / 270g



     Tash Telephone


    • Meeting all your communication needs with our advanced LCD, wireless telephone. Activate by the Relax 3, Sicare Standard and some AAC devices by infrared.
    • Handsfree telephone has a 64 number directory
    • Tailored options
    • Rechargeable battery back-up